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UPDATED FORUM RULES as of May 2013 - robag - 05-01-2013

UPDATED FORUM RULES as of 1st May 2013.

1) Keep your discussions related to the thread that you are responding to. Users who continually use other people's threads as a platform for repeating unrelated ideas of their own will be blocked. If you have your own issue to discuss and it is not currently being talked about then start it as a new thread.

2) Don't use other people's threads to settle personal arguments unless A) the person you are arguing with started the thread, and B) the argument is specifically about the topic of the thread. In all other instances, if you wish to settle an argument with someone in particular, then start a new thread and continue it with them from there.

3) Do not use this forum as a platform for 9/11 activism. Although I agree 9/11 needs a new investigation, I did not set up the forum for this purpose so please respect my decision. I specifically mention this topic as it has been a problem for users of this forum before. The occasional thread on the subject is acceptable, but users who repeatedly try to use unrelated threads for 9/11 activism will be blocked.

4) Do not use this forum as a platform to promote reptilian theories, UFOs or similar, hearsay based material. To do so will get you blocked. ( 13th Sept 09 - in addition, please do not post 23 enigma or other calculus based interpretations unless you have really strong evidence for it, the logic being that any person with reasonable math skills can take a set of arbitrary numbers and use them to calculate another one or two digit number of their choice.)

5) Mimimize your swearing.

6) No name-calling or character assassination of other users.

7) If you notice other people breaking these rules feel free to remind them and if necessary quote the specific rule to them.

8) (added May 2013) Don't use this forum to post attention-seeking long-winded semantic gibberish. The mods here will spot you and give you the boot.

I'll add to this set of rules as is needed.