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How To Make Sense Of Conspiracy Theories - Holocaust
12-22-2011, 10:38 AM (This post was last modified: 12-25-2011 04:12 AM by MKultra.)
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RE: How To Make Sense Of Conspiracy Theories - Holocaust

One would think this would have been a major scandal from the start here in the US, but not surprisingly its only got limited MSM coverage. However, recently this story has started to heat up under strong pressure from the public. I only bring this up here because there are some interesting similarities to the potential 9/11 "conspiracy theory" I described a few posts back.

Notably, we have an intelligence agency (ATF) covertly supplying weapons to Mexican criminal organizations through the use of undercover operatives. Unfortunately, these guns were used to kill a US border patrol agent, (and likely hundreds of civilians within Mexico). When the details of the operation unexpectedly became public after the death of the border patrol agent, notice what the official storyline is...

" The stated purpose of the operation had been to permit the weapon's purchase and transit to Mexico, in order to build a bigger case against Mexican criminal organizations." (Presumably to make arrests at some future date.)

"... the ATF knowingly allowed as many as 2,500 firearms to be sold illegally to known or suspected straw purchasers. One of those purchasers accounted for over 700 illegal guns."
"... the ATF ordered its agents working the program not to arrest illegal gun buyers or to interdict thousands of guns that were allowed to "walk" into criminal hands."
"... Senior ATF officials in Washington were regularly briefed on the operation and approved of the tactics employed."
"... the ATF agents who opposed the operation and who raised objections were told to 'get with the program' and threatened with job retaliation if they continued their opposition

The excuse/cover story for this operation provided by the US Attorney General is essentially..." intelligence failures" allowed these guns to get into the wrong hands, and resulted in unintended consequences, (deaths of civilians).

Once again we have the exact form of potential conspiracy I tried to detail in my 9/11 post… A documented case of an intelligence agency purposefully facilitating a stated enemy. Allowing them to conduct criminal operations under the pretense of "entrapping/arresting them at some future date". When/if discovered by the public, insulating those who are culpable though a potential cover-up called "intelligence failures".

As I stated in my previous 9/11 posts... how do we know for certain the ATF would have ever arrested the suspects involved, and prevented these criminal organizations from operating if not uncovered by the public? How do we know the leaders of this intelligence agency were not simply doing exactly what they intended... facilitating criminal activity? (Perhaps for the purpose of covertly destabilizing Mexico and the southern US border, or to provide a justification for the US federal government to increase anti-gun legislation in the US in the name of “preventing gun violence”… that they covertly helped to facilitate. )

I believe this kind of conspiracy/cover story may be far more common within the intelligence community that we want to admit.

On a related note… I believe this film below gives a realistic portrayal of actual intelligence activity. While it may not be a great film in terms of drama, art, and filmmaking... I found the history of the CIA that the film presents intriguing. It didn’t do particularly well at box office despite its star power. I believe mainstream audiences were probably unfamiliar with much of the background history to make sense of many of the more subtle references to historical covert operations, and there are virtually no action sequences. Additionally, the film’s characters always speak in the double meaning verbiage of "plausible deniability", knowing their words might always be recorded by hidden wire taps and possibly used against them. This makes the spy vs spy plotlines a bit too vague for typical popcorn moviegoers.

Despite these issues… I thought the film was interesting and worth a rental for those interested in the topic of covert intelligence history. I’m not aware of many films out there attempt to present the subject realistically in historical context, (JFK comes to mind). Most are stylized James Bond /Jack Ryan style fictional accounts.

If anybody knows of any good historically accurate films regarding intelligence activity? I would be curious to hear suggestions.
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