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Moderators appointed
I've appointed four moderators who have made over 100 posts and as far as I remember haven't gotten too hot-headed with anyone (I know there are more of you but these guys were posting on a thread about spam and offered to do the job). The moderators are Cionster, Frameous, Sinan, and CultureWarrior. You'll know them because their names will unfortunately show up in pink on the threads (not deliberate!). They'll delete spam and spamming accounts as needed. If we get any offensive or generally crazy folk on here trying to promote stuff that isn't to do with the forum or just generally annoying people by being over-opinionated and insulting then I trust these moderators to issue them warnings based on the forum rules. If those warnings are ignored then I'd prefer the moderators let me know first if they think such a user needs a ban.

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