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AS you may of noticed, we have become infested with spam and bot accounts. Between us all, the mods have deleted 100's, if not more, spam threads the last few days. It's nonsense! We will, eventually, fix something to the registration process but for now, would ALL NEW MEMBERS LEAVE A LINE OR TWO BY WAY OF INTRODUCTION in a new section we have created. Perhaps say how you came by the site, or what your favorite video is, something to let us Moderators know you are real and not bot. We can scan the new members and any that don't leave a introduction will be banned. Of course, new members may miss this introduction section, but no worries, e mail us and we will lift the ban, only real members would e mail anyway!!
This solution is temporary, so please bare with us until we get something more lasting in place.

I must also say this to new members. The established members here are all very smart individuals. Many of them are what you might call 'left field' thinkers, many of us are involved with that arts in some way and you don't get that way by just going with the flow. They got that way by challenging conventions and other individuals. Basically, I am saying all members views will be challenged, but not, as some recent members would argue, just to be dismissive, but because discussion is fun. Basically, don't get upset when folks disagree with you. We are nice people...well I'm not, but everyone else is, so don't run away after one post, no matter how it is received.

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