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A word to wannbe Spammers
Despite the statistics showing otherwise, this web forum has maybe two dozen or more active members at anyone time. When internet marketeers scan the stats for websites, they are looking for traffic and the amount of time for each visit. The thing about this website is,much of that traffic is other spam accounts! Sure, we may have two or 3 new members every day, but the other moderators and myself have deleted them by the end of the day because they are spam accounts! In other words, your hard work is wasted on us. No more that 24 people will see the advert...that's if it stays up long enough! No doubt , when clients look at the stats for a site like this one, the numbers look too good to be true...that's because they are...the numbers you are so impressed by are made up of other bogus accounts! Carry on if you wish, it only takes me a minute everyday to delete everything, a much shorter time than it takes to put the ad up, so be my guest.
Dude, you realize you're ranting against bots, right? Big Grin
oh yeah! But someone, somewhere will see this...I don't see it as pissing in the wind...... more like watering the fresh air, you feel me?!? lol
free nike headshots with rosalite mushroom powdered hyperventilating engine brakes here
I have 3....did I say 3?! I meant 4 vibrating replicas of famous Mexican Railway stations. They would make an ideal gift for a loved one!
You may laugh, but on more than one occasion I have e mailed companies that have spammed here. Some have been very cooperative, even saying they would fire whoever they have hired to do their internet marketing. The marketing companies....hmmm, not so cooperative....then again, I usually swear and cuss at them via e mail, calling them scabs etc for spamming and not paying for advertising...that does tend to make people a little defensive ?
I wish we could get spam from

They sell human breast milk online!

[Image: breast-milk.jpg]
Well, as I have just informed Rob, dealing with spammers is no longer my issue as I have 'handed in my badge', so to speak.
The spam got the best of ya, huh?

I stop by every couple days and delete what I see.

This forum isnt terribly active so that should be fine.
in a nutshell, yeah Smile

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