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Dealing with forum trolls
Those of you who are longstanding members of this forum will be familiar with the rantings of a small handful of past members (now banned) who fall into one of the following categories.

1) Reality escapists who look for the most off-the-wall and insane perceptions to keep themselves entertained and then attempt to persuade others on this forum of those same perceptions.

2) Maliscious infiltrators attempting to discredit genuine research (especially on the subject of Kubrick films) through the posting of ridiculous disinformation. Those falling in this category try to pass themselves off as the former.

These kinds of users have generally popped up every few months and, though they're usually banned within a few days, they sometimes manage to flood the threads with idiotic postings for a short while, much to the annoyance of genuine members.

Sometimes I'm unaware of these users for a few days before banning them and removing their posts, so if all users could consider the following suggestions it'll make the trolls easier to manage.

1) Disengage them. They're not interested in genuine discussion so reasoning with them is pointless. They want to suck people into endless cycles of gibberish.

2) Email me at and inform me. I'll generally get the message well within 24 hours. I'll then take a look at their postings and ban / warn them if needed.

Rob Smile

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