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My absence from the forum over past year
Just a note to say folks, I've stayed off the forum personally for a long time to maximize the use of my limited time as it's very easy to get into long conversations on here. I've concentrated on producing a steadier output of new videos and articles. Parenthood has been the key time limiting factor, but there are a couple of other issues ...

Generally when I have something of interest to say on a topic I make a video or article about it, so posting new subjects on the forum isn't really necessary for me.

Last point. I started this forum due to email requests asking for one. My view generally is that this is a place where followers of my work can discuss things with each other in an in-depth manner without requiring my ongoing participation and without having to argue with some of the haters of film analysis on other forums. My limited (or lack of) participation on this forum isn't intended as a disregard. You'll be aware from my Youtube postings that I respond extensively to initial feeback on each new video I put out. A also still manage to respond to at least 70% of email enquiries. In other words I'm not closed off to communication with followers of my work.

Thanks for all your support everybody.

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