Due to the economic and political importance of this issue, as revealed by the recent climategate revelations [1], I'm compelled to post this selection of video and article links on the subject of global warming / climate change. I personally don't know enough about the science to be able to say with conviction which scientists are right or wrong, but what I do know is that the scientific community is not in agreement on the theory of man-made climate change. There is a consensus from the world's most powerful political institutions, but that is not enough for people across the world to make the economic sacrifices that are being proposed to solve the supposed problem. The track record in recent years of the political establishment in promoting the war on terror and the invasion of Iraq, as well as their pathetic running of the world economy, are enough reason for us not to hand over trust to such instituions. Do not let yourself be bullied into following a doctrine fear and panic. Listen to the scientists on both sides and make a calm, rational decision.

Supporters of man-made climate change theories are getting maximum bias in the media, even to the extent of 56 newspapers admitting collusion to convince you of just one side of the argument, which can justifiably be referred to as "propaganda". On that basis, the links and video embeds on this page will cover the counter-arguments that are not getting appropriate mainstream media coverage.

I'll add further links to this page as information comes in. This initial set of links is only a small fraction of the volume of scientific opposition to man-made global warming theories.


"Hockey Stick" evidence in larger historical context - Greenland Ice Core Data

Over 31,000 scientists sign petition against man-made global warming theory

Ian Plimer speech

Climategate - leaked emails from East Anglia university (read them for yourself)

Professor Bob Carter speaks out (below)

Professor Fred Singer speaks out (below)

Lord Monckton speech (below)

Global Warming or Global Governance website

Global Warming or Global Governance film (below - remaining sections can be found on youtube)

Heartland Institute - International conference on Climate Change

Dr Jay Lehr speaks out (below)

Ex NASA scientist John Theon speak out

Claude Allegre speaks out

Bruno Wiskel speaks out

APS open letter - hundereds of scientists speak out

Dr Hans Schreuder speaks out

Astrophysicist Willie Soon speaks out on the sun's influence on climate