Excellent character analysis of There Will Be Blood by Darren Foley

There Will Be Blood has been on my film analysis list for too long. My disatisfaction with the film’s ending was always what discouraged me from writing a review, but I think Darren Foley has resolved that issue for me with his excellent analysis video. The basic parallels between the film’s main character, Daniel Plainview, and his false brother, false son, and the false prophet Eli I’d already picked up on, but I hadn’t tied them up properly with the film’s ending. If I ever do an analysis of the film there are some additional aspects I’ll be including, but when it comes to interpreting the characters I’ll have to give a nod to Darren Foley.

Enjoy and please be sure to give Darren a thumbs up on Youtube. He’s got my subscription as I’m certainly looking forward to more from him.

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