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At my main site Collative Learning I’ve been covering a variety of topics, from film making to politics to art and psychology, for several years. Most of the articles on the site are lengthy and take a fair amount of time to research. Because of this I often go weeks or months without adding new material, but it’s not that I haven’t got anything new worth posting.

Aside from on the Collative Learning forum, there hasn’t really been any scope for me to post short articles that thematically and chronoligically link together. So I’ve decided (or more accurately been encouraged by visitor feedback) to start running a series of specifically themed blogs, of which Breaking News is the first.

Breaking News will offer my take on social and political issues. The reason I’m combining the two is that they are very often intertwined, especially through funding. This simplified blog will also allow me to post on more up to date issues as they’re happening. Unlike with the longer articles on my main site, which are packed with sources and links, the content here will sometimes consist of nothing more than a personal opinion (framed as such) and on other occasions specific sources will be referenced/linked. Hopefully this blog will also allow me to respond to multiple, overlapping email enquiries.

If you wish to discuss any of the posts on here you can either email me at newcreations10@yahoo.co.uk or start a thread on the Collative Learning forum.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting on Breaking News. It may be every day. It may be a few times a week. But the intention is to update more frequently than I normally do on the main site.

Rob Ager

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