Is Labour Britain’s most racist political party?

For years the Labour party have been waving their so-called “equality” flag as a blanket moral defence of their many fascist / communist policies (Iraq war lies, police state War on Terror, selling Britain out to the EU superstate, mass immigration for corporate profit … to name a few).

They’re quick to call anyone who disagrees with their policies a racist, xenophob, biggot, fascist or far-right extremist. Yet there are many indicators that these labels should be aimed at the Labour party itself.

Domestically they have continuously condemned what they describe as “right wingers”, yet the Labour party leadership (not just Tony Blair) aligned itself ideologically and politically with the “far right” Neo-Cons in America. Labour are also devoted to “integrating” Britain into the European Union, even though the biggest party in the EU parliament is the “centre-right” (the party’s own words) European People’s Party.

The Labour party publicly takes a stance of the British National Party as being their sworn enemy, yet the BNP draws most of its support from the same working class areas of Britain as Labour. A Yougov report takes this comparison further by revealing that over half of BNP voters are former Labour supporters who believe that Labour “used to care about the concerns of people like me but doesn’t nowadays”. I’ve personally witnessed a great deal of this in Liverpool.: former Labour voters who now vote for, or at least feel very sympathetic, to the BNP. This is ironic in that Labour tends to refer to the UK Independence Party (a nationalist party without the historical affiliation to racism of the BNP) as “racists”. UKIP picks up a lot of votes from former conservative “right wingers”, yet Labour appeals more directly to the “racists” they claim to oppose.

In some ways the Labour party could be classed as “more racist” than the BNP. Labour leaders helped engineer the illegal war in Iraq, resulting in hundreds of thousands of non-white, non-British deaths, while the BNP were against the war. Labour worked over time to introduce fascist police state “anti-terror” laws in the UK and was content to have British citizens shipped to the Guantanamo concentration / torture camp. On the other hand Labour has been persistent in creating racial divisions in Britain by promoting anti-white racial tokenism under the guise of “equality”.

Labour isn’t anti-racist. It is anti-race: content to bomb and kill non-white people on a mass scale internationally, while economically and politically attacking white people in its own country. Divide and conquer by engineered racial conflict is the Labour brand of racism.

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