Will Libya become the new Iraq?

While the stories about a humanitarian crisis in Libya are a major concern, the scenario increasingly appears to be an all too convenient justification for possible military action by the same countries that invaded Iraq. We know very that when US-led interference in another country takes place it has little to do with helping unfortunate people and everything to do with the seizure of natural resources and the strategic long-term deployment of US resources for meddling in a an entire region.

Let’s also not forget the widespread disinformation that was used to justify the invasion of Iraq. At the time most of the stories were convincing and alarming, just as they are now with Libya.

There are three battling powers in the Libya sceranio. The Gadaffi regime, the Libyan people and the US-led intervention hawks seeking to use the crisis to for their own gains. If we sit back and tolerate or support a new Iraq-style war, we’re certain to witness a long-term occupation in which the Libyan people are strategically turned against each other by the very forces claiming to help them.

Assistance, yes. Invasion, no.

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