Repersonifying terror, the credibility obstacle.

Various faces and names have been tentatively paraded by the centralized media as the “new Bin Laden”. Globalization fascists are very keen to establish a new face of fear to further justify hostile foreign policy and domestic police state laws. But there is a major obstacle for them to overcome … the credibility of the threat.

911 and 7/7 have long worn off as social fear injection tools. Subsequent “thwarted” terror plots from shoe bombers to sugar bombers to liquid bombers have become comical and commonplace with many of them being widely disbelieved as either disinfo or journalism “blown” out of proportion. Even before Bin Laden’s supposed assassination the man had become a source of comedy rather than fear. Tens of millions of people in the US alone no longer even believe Bin Laden had any involvement with 911 and so, for them, he had become a symbol of establishment propaganda. These people’s views range from 911 being A) a freak terrorist occurence that was seized upon for fascistic purposes by corrupt elements of the US government, B) a real terrorist event that was allowed to happen by the US government for said purposes, or C) a black op carried out by some powerful fascistic group within the US establishment against the US population to be blamed on innocent parties in the middle east for said purposes. Those three views are present at all levels of the western political and intellectual spectrum.

The problem of Bin Laden’s deflated evil genius image remains and will cross over to any new “Al Queda leader”, whether he is real or fabricated. For the entire Al Queda myth to become “terrifying” again one thing will need to happen – a largescale act of terrorist destruction as shocking, unexpected and convincing as 911 and it will need to happen in the West if its outcome is to support “globalist” (western) world domination agendas.

But therein lies the deeper problem … conspiracy theories. Any large scale terror event will instantly raise an equal amount of suspicion directed at western governments and their corporate allies. Elements of the media, political establishments and general public will automatically scrutinize any terror event for evidence of foul play. Even foreign governments will pursue this avenue of investigation.

Largescale black op terrorist activities, assuming the globalists would consider such an option, would be counter-productive to the agendas of those conducting them. Such operations could even be sabotaged from within. But an even worse danger is that a genuine large scale terror attack takes place and is mistakenly attributed as a black op. That would give terrorists a victory and further destroy credibility for the globalists. To that effect it is in the interests of globalists not to give incentive to genuine terrorist acts by their own imperialist actions.

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