Gold is finally being recognized by establishment media for what it is.

A nice piece in the Telegraph by Garry White today explains the simple facts regarding gold’s relationship with the global (western) economic crisis.

Garry makes no attempt to brush off rising gold prices as a short term occurence. He doesn’t try to persuade us the gold price is artificially high. And he certainly doesn’t claim the gold price will suddenly drop significantly in the near future.

In the last month alone gold has shot up in value from $1500 an ounce to over $1700. That’s an increase of over 10%. Most investments don’t even pay off that much in a single year.

Getting in on the rush back to gold is a great way for average people to recover some of the financial losses we’ve all incurred under corrupt banking institutions. The Dollar, Euro, Pound and most fiat currencies are failing because they are not supported by gold convertibility.

Buy gold now!

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