Political correctness IS the new bigotry

Hey folks, it’s been years since I posted on this blog so time to make up for it with something hard-hitting. Political correctness, an ideology claimed by its proponents to be about “fairness and equality”, is actually an extremely bigoted ideology – it’s a new form of bigotry and here I’m going to outline just some of the reasons why that is the case.

Identity tick boxes

The assumption promoted by the pc brigade that nobody should ever do or say anything that might be deemed offensive by someone else is directly contradicted by the PC brigade’s promotion of superficial identity group boxes such as those found on equality monitoring forms. On these forms our individuality is cast aside and we are asked to categorize ourselves according to divisive group descriptions. The PC brigade claim to promote ethnic colour blindness so that we see each other as people instead of skin colours, yet they ask us to label ourselves by skin colour on these monitoring forms. These divisive tick box forms promote a culture of us and them perceptions.

Even the colour boxes are wrong. Have you ever noticed that the people who are referred to by the political correctness brigade as “black” aren’t actually black. Stand them against a black background and it virtually always turns out they’re some variation on the colour brown, while people who are classed as “white” aren’t actually white. According to the PC brigade I’m white, but when I actually compare my flesh to a sheet of white paper it turns out my skin is sort of a pale pinkish-orange colour. For decades this black and white language pattern has made people perceive themselves and each other as polar opposites like pieces on a chess board. The PC brigade have bought into and thoroughly promoted this divisive language pattern. So when they say they’re colour blind, in a way they’re ironically right because they tend to see people according to divisive black and white tick boxes.

Hate-fuelled tokenism

The PC brigade claim to promote equality, but they actually promote their own hierarchical systems of bigotry as a replacement for whatever existing system of bigotry they think they’re fighting. As a simple example, slang word insults delivered against certain perceived social and ethnic groups are considered greater crimes than those delivered against other groups. So when it comes to the word “Nigger” the PC brigade consider the word so offensive that they can’t even quote it. They try to delete the word out of existence by replacing it with the phrase “N-Word”, but they don’t apply that logic to derogatory words aimed at other groups. For example the word “Gook”, which is slang insult for people of Oriental origin isn’t replaced with the phrase “G-Word”. Same goes for the slurs “Honky, Towel-Head, Wog, Cracker, Jungle Bunny” etc. And when it comes to slurs aimed at people regarding their weight or physical attractiveness or age the PC brigade don’t really care too much. I mean, nobody likes being called Ugly or Stupid, traits which even if they are true are not things the individual usually has much control over. So the PC brigade have developed their own unofficial hierarchy regarding who is allowed to be insulted and by which specific slang words and phrases. This is in itself a form of bigotry in that they believe some people are less deserving of protection form insult than others.

The PC brigade are also extremely bigoted in that they tend to selectively discriminate against any group that they happen to perceive as being a majority. So if there’s more people of one skin colour or gender in a work place they will then set up racist and sexist training and recruitment programmes that unfairly block out new applicants who they perceive as being part of the supposedly over-represented majority.  In other words they engage in racism and sexism. They also advertise their bigotry toward the majority group by excluding them from the organisation’s promotional brochures and reception desks. Not only is this offensive to the majority group, but it’s also offensive to the minority group who they are parading publicly as tokens of their own false morality. This bigotry from the PC brigade is often called “reverse discrimination”, but even that label is misleading because often the reverse discrimination is being done in a context where there wasn’t any actual discrimination to be reversed in the first place. Just because there’s an imbalance of representation among a work force doesn’t mean the organisation and its employees is bigoted.

Here in Britain our news media engage in racial tokenism in terms of the ethnicity of news presenters, but they virtually always make sure that those people have the mannerisms and accent of posh Londoners, which can be argued as being exclusionist to the accents of the various other cities across the UK. It’s also economically exclusionist because some accents that we don’t hear among TV news presenters are actually associated with poorer parts of the country. And its exclusionist in that it blocks out accents found among other cultures around the world, even though the ethnicity of the token skin colour news presenters are often associated with those accents.

Hatred of free speech and democracy

The PC brigade also tend to be so convinced of their own perceptions of right and wrong that they consider their own political views to be more important than democracy itself. Rather than allowing free and open debate between a broad selection of differing political parties, the PC brigade try to prevent the parties whose views they disagree with from being allowed any kind of speaking platform.  In other words they are against diversity of opinion. They try to control public opinion through censorship of information so as to make everyone hold the same opinion as themselves. We find this in universities in which brainwashed PC idiots rally to prevent certain types of groups and speakers from holding conferences because they don’t perceive those groups as having a strong enough victim status.

The PC brigade are political bigots who hate genuine democracy.

Punishing by identity rather than by crime

The PC brigade are bigoted in that they seek to judge and punish ppl of certain perceived ethnicities, genders and religions on the basis that they happen to share some trait that happened to be shared by a historically oppressive group in some other context. It doesn’t matter to the PC brigade that the living individual that they are discriminating against has no personal connection to the long dead oppressive group. And in parallel the PC brigade will seek to compensate a living individual for the crimes experienced by some historical group who shares some genetic or social trait with them, even though the living individual has not been subjected to those crimes. Should we sentence someone to life in prison for a murder committed by someone a hundred years ago who happened to share their gender, race and nationality? According to the warped logic of the PC brigade we should.

Integration pressure bigotry

Again and again we hear from the PC brigade that Muslims and Asians (as in middle east for you north American readers) need to culturally integrate with the mostly white population of the UK. If they choose to live in their own segregated communities then its looked down upon, yet we have largely segregated Chinatown communities in several parts of Britain and the PC brigade don’t complain about it. We also don’t get flash mobs of so-called Neo-Nazis protesting at the existence of Chinatown communities. Why? Is it because the cultural habits of the Chinese communities aren’t clashing with the lifestyles of other British people in the way that some of the Asian communities are? Is it because the PC brigade privately don’t like the cultural habits that they think are associated with a segregated Asian or Muslim community? That would certainly be hypocritical because the PC brigade are quick to shout down and attack anyone else who criticizes another culture. Whatever the explanation, it’s a simple fact that the PC brigade are not calling for an end to the segregation found in Chinatown communities, yet they are calling for it in relation to Muslim and Asian communities. By their own logic that’s bigotry.

Selective bias regarding victim / perpetrator relationships

In order to promote their own bigotry and hatred toward certain groups, the PC brigade tends to emphasize hate crimes committed by some groups while suppressing those committed by others. For example, we hear a lot about rich white people of the past making money off of the black slave trade, which of course we should rightly condemn, but how much do we hear about the racism between African nations themselves, which historically involved some Africans imprisoning fellow Africans and selling them to white people for slavery. We don’t hear so much about that from the PC brigade because it doesn’t fit with the false narrative they want to convey.

This idiot mentality has even infected crime coverage in the mainstream media. If a crime is committed by one ethnic group against another and the victim / perpetrator relationship just happens to fit with the bigoted victim / perpetrator perceptual hierarchy that is being promoted by the PC brigade, then the PC brigade will give that crime endless media coverage and will shout endlessly about the injustice, but when a crime is committed in which the victim / perpetrator relationship mismatches the PC brigade’s own bigoted views then the crime is usually given minimum coverage – it is played down. As an example, here in Britain a 15 yr old white boy was kidnapped by three “Asian” men (Asian as in middle east ethnicity so as not to confuse you North American readers)  and was driven out into a forest and stabbed to death. The perpetrators admitted they did it because the boy was “white”. The news media coverage was very brief and watered down compared to an incident here in Liverpool in which an 18 yr old “black” male was killed by two white men. This crime wasn’t nearly as premeditated or sinister as the kidnapping murder was, it was basically a street altercation that escalated out of control, yet the murder of the black victim was given at least ten times more media coverage and the entire city of Liverpool accused by some bigoted journalists as being racist because of it.

Support for competitive sports

Political correctness has also found its way into the world of the Olympics, which is ironic being that competitive sports celebrate the superiority of certain human beings over others, often on a partially genetic basis, and even promotes competitive national pride. But in the interests of political correctness we now have the Paralympics in order to convince ourselves that in our love of competitive one up manship sports we still firmly believe in universal equality. But the truth still stands. Competitive sport celebrates inequality and hence the Paralympics celebrates genetic superiority and national pride among disabled people.

We get the same thing with talent shows and competitions like Eurovision. These competitions promote the idea that some people are basically superior to others in some way, yet the EU also pumps huge amounts of money into artificially promoting equality and diversity. What it’s actually promoting is the destruction of cultures and nationalities. Mix them all together and they dilute each other, hence the primary factor in the development of cultures is geographical proximity / separation.

Supranational pride

The PC brigade also tend to have a love of what they perceive to be internationalist institutions, be it the United Nations or the European Union, and a hatred of small nation states, but the supposedly internationalist institutions they support often have nationalist traits themselves. So the proponents of the EU, which is basically a new large scale country in the making, wave their flag and sing their anthem with pride as would a smaller nation state, and the EU seeks to exclude much of the rest of the world from what is happening within the EU borders, by having competitive sports and song competitions which non-EU people and nations are excluded from being involved in. And the EU goes to great effort to blend the finances and markets of its own member states into one, while also putting in place laws and taxes that inhibit trade with non-EU states. Europhilia is just another form of nationalism that is attempting to replace all the existing diverse nationalities found across Europe already.

Love of totalitarianism

The PC brigade also generally support big centralized socialist government despite the glaring examples of violent bigotry and hatred already displayed historically by the Soviet Union (aka international socialists) and the Nazis (aka national socialists). We find big government socialism present under both left and right wing totalitarianism. In both cases democracy is thwarted and the people are told what to do and how to live by the state. This we have found with pretty much every big government empire throughout history. Nevertheless the PC brigade support big, big government. They can’t get enough of it.

Same group bigotry and hatred

The PC brigade are often very bigoted toward people they consider to be in the same genetic and cultural box as themselves. So you’ll get men who hate men, “white” people who hate “white” people, Jews who hate Jews, Brits who hate Brits and so on and they will openly approve of institutional and social discrimination against others of their own group. These are some of the most openly bigoted people around. I’ve heard white people saying that white people should be denied jobs on principle. And they get away with it because there is very little effort, culturally or legally, to recognize and combat same group bigotry. However, I’ve found a pretty good way of calling these people out on their bullshit is to challenge them to apply their discrimination to themselves. So if a so-called “white” person in a crowded bar says they believe in excluding white people from job opportunities in order to compensate for historical white on black bigotry …. just ask them to personally give their top of the range mobile phone, their car or the full contents of their wallet to the nearest black person in the room as a compensatory gesture for historical bigotry. More than likely they won’t do it, but even if they do, ask them why they had to be prompted.

Hatred of the unique individual

The PC brigade hate the concept of unique individuals. They don’t want to entertain the idea that even if you treat people exactly the same by providing them with equal resources and opportunities some people will inevitably come out on top due to genetic variation, intelligence, motivation or even just blind luck. This imbalance still happens even if you remove bigotry from the system. That’s life and any attempts to engineer a totally balanced representation of perceived social and genetic groups at all levels of the economic ladder is a denial of reality. People are not equal. They are different. Not only that but the existence of the economic ladder itself is a form of inequality and unfairness regardless of how well the differing social groups are represented at each level. To make everyone truly equal, the individual has to be destroyed. Everybody has to be turned into clone replicas of each other, which would then render us all as mindless slaves of whoever is lucky enough to be in the position of decision maker.

Anti-culturalism and hatred of religions

I’ve also noticed this pattern that a lot of PC people seem to hate all races and religions. They talk about wanting to make all the different races interbreed until we all become one and to blend all our religions together into one as well or even completely eradicate religion all together so that scientists and politicians dictate to us how we should perceive everything. They may perceive their utopian desire as one of wanting universal love, but it can equally be perceived as a form of universal hatred and intolerance for anyone or any group that is different. And so multiculturalism, the forced geographical blending of races and cultures, is actually anti-culturalism.

Denial of genetic and social difference

The PC brigade are also bigoted in that they seek to deny that certain social and genetic groups tend to be better than others at certain tasks, and they seek to mask over those differences with rigged stats or with engineered training and recruitment processes to make everyone appear exactly the same in terms of abilities. So you’ll get women only recruitment programs in the fire brigade – seriously we’ve had that here in the UK. It’s a simple fact that men are genetically designed to be physically stronger and larger than women and therefore much more suited to the task of smashing down a door with an axe and carrying an unconscious person out of a burning building. Saving lives is more important than promoting a lie that everybody is totally equal.

Silent, selective acceptance, and sometimes overt promotion, of inequality

The PC brigade are also bigots in that, like the rest of us mortals, they have a preference for intelligent and attractive people over unintelligent or unattractive people. So in their multicultural and diversity propaganda photos they pick the best looking people or if they bring some mentally or physically disabled people to some pr function they’ll make sure to pick ones who are better looking or have enough marbles to act the part for the occasion and not cause havoc with disruptive behaviour. Also at their functions I don’t see them inviting ragged clothed and physically smelly homeless alcoholics to do photo shoots with groomed business people in suits. If the PC brigade really want total universal equality then why are they not campaigning to have more ugly people or more fat people as fashion models, why are they not campaigning to ban competitive sports that celebrate individual and national differences, and why aren’t they campaigning for more people of low intelligence to be represented in high salaried jobs or even in high government office? They also don’t campaign for proportional representation of different groups among prison inmates because obviously that would mean engineering the outcomes of criminal trials in order to tick equality boxes. They don’t fight for more disabled people in the unarmed, I mean armed forces. And they’re not campaigning for gender neutral boxing championships.

Natural discrimination

The reality is that discrimination comes in many forms and some of them are not only natural and inevitable, but are even useful and appropriate. In fact without the extremely discriminatory process of natural selection human beings would not have evolved to their current levels of intelligence and ability. As individuals we discriminate in our choices of friends according to whose personalities we like more or even who shares our social and political world views (the PC brigade are especially guilty of that one), our choices of partners according to who is most attractive, humourous or even economically stable. We discriminate in our selection of employees according to who is better at the job. We discriminate in our preferences of music, movies, food, decor, art or even our choices of holiday destination. We take pride in our children’s abilities in comparison to other children and some of us even have abortions if we think there’s a good chance our children might have some form of disability – genocide at the foetal stage.

This is reality. People are not born universally equal and cannot be engineered to be universally equal and its probably a good thing because if we were all turned into clones of each other like in an anthill then there would be no recognition for the individual traits that make each of us a one of a kind human being. And each of us would therefore be expendable at the state’s discretion. Political correctness is an immoral agenda from those who love the state more than they love people. Yes, there are some kinds of discrimination that are clearly wrong and which should be fought against, but we should also equally recognize that other forms of discrimination are both useful and appropriate.

Agendas of the PC brigade liars

The impression I’ve been given over the years is that the PC brigade are actually aware of these home truths. Many of them are absolutely obvious and many PC sell-outs will desperately try to find ways of denying these truths when they are confronted with them verbally. So why do they choose to buy into an ideology that they know deep down is riddled with false hoods?

  • In some cases it’s because they actually making a living out of promoting the PC ideology. They may work for a diversity training company or an “equality” department in an organization and are protecting their salary. A lot of funds are thrown out there by governments seeking to engineer social opinion towards specific ends without going through a democratic process – for example merging the nations of Europe into a new superstate – and a lot of financially motivated social climbers will publicly promote any ideology that they think will earn them a slice of the funding pie.
  • Some people perceive a one-upmanship benefit for themselves in that the PC brigade just happen to be prioritizing their needs over the needs of others, so as self-interested individuals they latch onto and promote the lie.
  • In other cases people go along with PC rhetoric because their employers expect it or simply because they feel pressured to if they happen to move within certain types of social circles or simply because they’re afraid of being called racists bigots or whatever being that we regularly see people’s reputations being destroyed in this way in the media.
  • But from what I’ve seen the most common motivator is people’s desire to portray themselves to the world as being much more caring people than they actually are. They will proudly announce themselves as being say anti-racist or anti-homophobic in order to cloak themselves in an air of moral superiority, but the actions they take to try and help people who they claim to be victims fall far short of the PC slogans they regurgitate on a regular basis. And they hardly ever put themselves in the firing line to challenge the rest of the PC brigade when morality requires it.

Stand up for moral correctness

Political correctness is bullshit – yes, I swore, deal with it. It is a false badge of moral superiority worn by people who are actively promoting alternate forms of bigotry that are often worse than the ones they claim to be opposing.

So when you’re asked to fill in an ethnic monitoring form that seeks to box you into some artificial identity group, but the purpose of the form is for PC window dressing rather than organizational efficiency, simply draw a new box at the top of the form that says “individual” and tick it. When you come across some PC slogan-blabbering moron challenge them about all the little forms of discrimination that they are engaging in regularly and point it all out for their attention. Whether you’re a short light-pinkish gay Irish male with gothic clothes and green hair and a high paying IT job or if you’re an old sienna-toned Algerian woman in a business suit working for the ministry of propaganda – it’s ok to be proud of whatever social or genetic groups you perceive yourself to be a part of, but much more importantly be most proud of who you are as an individual. You’re not a block on a colour chart. You’re not a penis or vagina. You’re not a faith-pawn.

So all together now … “fuck political correctness”. Say the words at least twice a day, wear the t-shirt and encourage others to do the same.

Give the PC brigade a taste of their own medicine

Now I’ve said a lot of stuff in this article that I know from conversations with every day people are actually quite well known, but most people haven’t put a lot of thought into verbalizing these truths or are simply afraid to speak out. Don’t be afraid. If some PC arsehole starts trying to beat you down with a false morality stick by arbitrarily calling you bigoted when you know you’re not … don’t bother trying to defend. That’s what they want you to do. They want you to go on the defensive so that they can keep throwing accusations at you. It’s a game they love to play. It’s actually their own form of bigotry and psychological oppression. Don’t defend, just beat them at their own game. Call them out for the bigots that they are. Listen carefully to the things they say about others and the action they take (or don’t take!) that reveal their brand of bigotry. As soon as they find themselves on the defense they quickly lose their aggressive desire to bite.

Thanks for reading. I’m Rob Ager. If you’re offended by this article then tough because offense is in the eye of the beholder. If you simply disagree with this article then that’s ok – good luck trying to engineer the opinions of over 7 billion people. But if you like and agree with a lot of what you’ve heard here then make sure to check out my other articles and videos and be sure to share this article with others or at the very least memorize the key points made in it so you can pass on those ideas in every day conversations with others. You can even plagiarize me if you want because this isn’t about me. It’s about promoting free speech and democracy.

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