The European Union’s official motto – a propaganda lie to undermine sovereignty.

I’ve made the case before in two videos that the supposed “diversity” and “equality” arguments used against opponents of uncontrolled mass immigration into the UK (and other countries) are merely political tools to break down national identity, helping to pave the path for the ongoing, undemocratic European Union coup by stealth. The videos I posted that outlined some arguments for this are Strategic discrimination in the British Film Industry and Anti-white policies at the national Union of Journalists.

At the times I posted those videos my accusation against the EU was hypothetically based on the fact that the EU expansionists were the primary political beneficiaries of self-contradicting “diveristy” and “equality” laws.

In further researching the EU structure (and the ideology of its proponents) I’ve since accumulated many more facts that much more conclusively demonstrate their use of “diversity” propaganda as an anti-sovereignty weapon. Rather then offer an extensive list I’ll simply offer, for now, this simple fact:

The official motto of the European Union is “United in Diversity”.

This motto demonstrates that “diversity” isn’t just a small propaganda tool of the EU – it is one of their primary public relations tools. The motto is self-contradictory. People don’t unite based upon their differences, they unite based upon the things they have in common. And the fact is that the economies and cultures of Europe are too diverse to be successfully collapsed into a political, cultural and monetary union.


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