The six key traits of a globalist (or more accurately a US / EU global imperialist).

For several years I’ve taken a particular interest in think tanks and the documents they publish. The presentation of world affairs by these sources is often very different to that of news media, and often it precedes news media (as in the latter follows suit).

Each think tanks has its own political and economic allegiances and very few of them can be considered unbiased, but many in Europe and America follow a very specific ideology that is easily identified … globalism.

Globalism, also called internationalism, is often described by its proponents as a natural and progressive phenomena, something that is inevitable. Undoubtedly many of its proponents really believe this to be the case, but there is plenty of contradicting evidence.

Globalism is basically an ideology of world power contralisation in which the key power holders will be the political/economic bureaucracies of the United States and the European Union, along with the various “international” institutions they have spawned such as the IMF and the UN. Globalism is world imperialism by stealth. It’s only basic difference with similar world domination plans under International Communism, the Third Reich and other expansionist empires is its hesitance in the open application of violence to meet its goals.

Violence on behalf of globalism, when it does occur, is committed by the very nations who promote globalism, while the “international / global” institutions which they control voice false opposition. For example, the United Nations and the European Union may not have openly supported or endorsed the invasion of Iraq, but many of their “member” countries did. The reason the “internationalist” institutions are unable and unwilling to enforce supposed “international law” in these situations is because the offending “member” nations are the power holders within those globalist institutions. It’s equivalant to a Mafia leader ordering a series of violent attacks upon a rival gang and then explaining it away as the insubordination of a lower echelon under his chain of command.

After visiting the websites of hundreds of European and US think tank groups, I’ve noticed very prominent patterns in their ideology. The dedication of these think tanks to US / EU world imperialism by stealth can be very quickly identified by a series of simple factors. Here are a selection of the most consistent ones that are virtually always present in the globalist ideology.

1) Promotion of “globalisation”. Globalists promote US / EU world imperialism, but substitute with words such as “globalism”, “internationalism” and “international law”. They virtually never criticize or question globalism. Obviously this is the first trait of a globalist, but many people who naively believe in globalism aren’t globalists themselves. Those who are tend to have all of the traits in this list.

2) Promotion of “international” institutions. Globalists promote US / EU dominated “internationalist” institutions such as the IMF, BIS and UN and virtually never criticize them. They repeatedly argue that the world’s problems are caused by the lack of, and never the presence of, power in such institutions.

3) Criticism of the nation state. Global imperialists speak highly of non-EU and non-US countries when those countries are taking actions to surrender themselves to US / EU world imperialism. And they speak negatively of countries that are asserting their own independence. Global imperialists speak of nations as failing and economically / politically / ideologically unsound institutions – often attributing the existence of nations as the root cause of all wars. The opposite is in fact the case. Nations who attempt to turn other nations into subservient members of a continental, regional or world empire (as in the case of globalism) are the primary causes of war. The more powerfully independent a nation is (China, Russia, Venezuela for example) the harsher the criticism from globalists.

4) “Climate change” alarmism. No matter how much contradicting evidence is presented or how divided the scientific community is global imperialists always express 100% certainty in “climate change” and “global warming” theories. They virtually never question it and they usually insist on reacting to the worst case scenario hypothesis. This is of particular importance in their ideology because it creates a fear-based imperitive to bring all the nations of the world under the economic and political control of “internationalist” institutions.

5) Promotion of “multiculturalism”. Global imperialists are aware that cultures, religions and ethnicities tend to be geographically clustered because geography is a key component of how cultures emerge. On that basis nations tend to be built around specific geographical gatherings of such groups. World empire builders have always found the forced merging of these groups under a wider authority to be an obstacle and so under the new US / EU world imperialism agenda multiculturalism is a key tool to break nations. The application of this strategy for the purposes of globalism is that in the US and EU multiculturalism is used to promote mass immigration, thus diluting the national cultures of the core globalist countries (against the will of their populations), increasing corporate profit through cheaper labour and creating a brain drain on non-globalist countries. Note that outside of the US and EU (the globalist blocks) forced multiculturalism is virtually unheard of – it is a unique propaganda tool of globalism. Although there are some social benefits that have been brought by anti-racism campaigns and legislation, the multiculturalism agenda does the opposite. It demonizes the core cultural group of a country and gives unfair privileges to incoming migrants, thus stirring up new racial and cultural conflicts.

6) “Terror” alarmism. Although the phrase “war on terror” as a justification for police state legislature has been largely dropped due to public opposition, global imperialists still promote exaggerated fears of “terrorist” activity. They frequently use worst case scenarios such as terrorists acquiring nuclear weapons, but the amount of specialist expertise and equipment required to do so makes it very unlikely, unless it was directly funded by a government. Other factors that have broken down the war on terror agenda include; widespread “conspiracy theories” regarding the possibility of some terrorist attacks being black ops used by governments, the abuse of various human rights both domestically and at Guantanamo Bay, and the unpopular wars of Afghanistan and Iraq being falsely justified by terror alarmism.

There are other globalist traits, but I’ve found the six ones listed here as the most consistent. Most promoters of  US / EU global imperialism have all six traits and they virtually never publicly question or oppose any of them.

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