Are you British? Sign the People’s Pledge demanding an EU referendum.

Send a message to Westminster that you intend to vote only for party candidates who publicly demand a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.

There are dozens of good reasons to demand an in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union superstate. Here are just five.

  • Unlike in the British parliament, the MEPs who we vote into the EU parliament can’t propose legislature. Only the unelected EU Commission can. The EU parliament is staged democracy.
  • We pay 16 billion pounds to the EU every year as part of our membership. Over half of that money is given to other EU countries. The half that does return to Britain is spent on EU propaganda and “integration” projects.
  • Despite the massive public spending cuts in Britain our fee to the EU is increasing.
  • The EU’s accounts have been rejected by auditors every year for over a decade. If any organisation in Britain were to engage in such shoddy accounting the authorities would clamp down on that organisation and those responsible would be fined and possible imprisoned.
  • We spend tens of billions annually enforcing thousands of economically and socially crippling EU laws in Britain. Without these burdens our economy would be vastly improved in just a few years of independence.


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