The Trilateral Commission members at work in Britain

In a previous post I outlined the Trilateral Commission plans, hatched in 1973, for “World Renovated Currency” based on nothing more than worthless paper and computer blips. In that plan the Trilaterals talked of their desire to demonetize gold and to have participating governments sell gold off into private markets both to suppress the gold price and to bring in funds for their globalization projects. The result is the debt-based monetary system and financial instability we have today.

Over at the Trilateral Commission website can be found a membership list at this link:

The organsiation’s influence across the western / globalist collective nations is clear to see. The British members are:

  • Peter Sutherland (European Honorary Chairman)
  • Antonio Borges
  • Lord Brittan
  • John Bruton
  • Robin Ruchanan
  • Richard Burrows
  • Iain Conn
  • Richard Conroy
  • Alfonso Cortina
  • Caroline Daniel
  • Guy Elliot
  • Hugh Friel
  • Lord Gilbert
  • Dermot Gleeson
  • Stephen Green
  • Lord Guthrie
  • Nigel Higgins
  • Lady Barbara Judge
  • Lord Kerr
  • Lord Mandelson
  • Sir Mark Moody-Stuart
  • Denis O’brien
  • Richard Olver
  • Lord Patten
  • Lord Simon
  • Nicholas Soames
  • Sir Martin sorrel
  • Alexander Wilmot-Sitwell

This is quite a powerhouse of business and political influence. Strongly represented by this group are :

  • UBS bank (world no. 2 for wealth management)
  • BP plc
  • The European Union Commission
  • The Rothschild Group
  • The British House of Lords
  • Several more banking institutions

Among the list we also find several top level Irish politicians (the Fine Gael party) who have played their part in getting Ireland onto the Euro, the editor of the Financial Times and individuals who have held a variety of positions in other globalist institutions such as the UN and WTO. Peter Sutherland, the European Honorary Chairman within the Trilateral Commission, has apparently been referred to as “the father of globalization” by Bill Clinton’s trade adviser. Lord Brittan is currently trade adviser to David Cameron.

Why are so many influential people in Britain members of this private (Rockefeller founded) club and what kind of policies are being set at their meetings that are not announced or published?

This institution is in conflict with the duties of British politicians to their electorate. It’s influences must be investigated and, where necessary, removed.

Feel free to look up each member online and learn about the broad web of influence the Trilateral Commission has in Britain.

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