Trilaterals at work in the House of Lords – attacking a nationalist

Just last night I posted a list of the 28 British-based members of the Trilateral Commission and outlined a few observations about their influences on British politics and business. Today I stumbled across a Daily Mail article (not my favorite paper, but thankfully one that doesn’t appear to be controlled by Europhiles) reporting ¬†earlier this week that former UK Independence Party leader Lord Pearson of Rannoch has been verbally abused by a gang of Europhiles for asking them an awkward question about why they don’t declare their EU pensions. Apparently their EU pensions can even be taken away if they speak against the EU even in retirement, surely a method of ensuring their silence.

Among the eight Lords described as having attacked Pearson are Trilateral members Lord Brittan and Lord Kerr. No surprise their.

Here is the Lords archive transcript of the debate. The second link is to the video of the debate and includes the heckling not listed in the transcript. The debate involving Lord Pearson begins at approx 2:34:00.

Pearson goes on to comment about BBC bias and the massive over-representation of pro-Europhiles in the House of Lords, the Daily Express campaign for a referendum (resulting in over 300,000 signatures) and the peoplespledge campaign for that same refeerendum. Naturally Pearson is greeted with childish grumbles and moans from the very Europhiles he is referring to.

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